BCC-Cajamar Group, has put into operation the new International Platform Cajamar, which has had the assistance of the president of Cooperative Credit Bank-Grupo Cajamar and executives of the companies that participate in it offering its services.

Aware of the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized enterprises and agri-food export cooperatives to go abroad to sell their products and services, the Cajamar Cooperative Group, with its more than 50 years of linking and supporting the Marketing activity, has taken a step forward with the launch of the new International Platform Cajamar through which companies from different sectors will respond to their needs.

Thus for the international logistics services and customs management will have the experience of DHL; For the coverage of credit risks with Coface; For contractual advice and international taxationwith Cuatrecasas; For auditing and consulting services, Deloitte; With Informa for obtaining reports from international clients; With Kompass for the planning of campaigns of direct marketing and positioning on line of the mark; If specialized directive training is required, with ESIC; With ICEX and COFIDES to promote and support internationalization and external projects; With Anthelex International for consulting on economic intelligence and risk management business; With Generali for transport and goods insurance; With ORFISA for the consultancy in international tenders and the provision of Contract Manager services and technical assistance in arbitration, litigation and expertise in international projects; With Tufinanziacion for the search and management of public financing for SMEs and self-employed, and with Afi for the management of exchange risks.

Services to access new markets

In this way, the Cajamar International Platform offers Spanish SMEs and cooperatives, especially those in the agri-food sector, in addition to financial products, a line of comprehensive services provided by 14 companies specialized in international services to support them in their access to new markets. With them, they have signed agreements to offer specific solutions to the needs of their clients in their internationalization strategies, as well as in their export and import activities.

The clients of this new Platform will have updated information on international business by countries, companies, legal aspects, tender, official help, financial information, as well as a wide agenda of meetings on internationalization and the products and services offered by Cajamar, as guarantees International, financial products for import and export, documentary credits, international transfers and exchange tables, among others.