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Corporate Social Responsibility

At ORFISA we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) considers the impact of the actions of companies in its triple dimension, economic, social and environmental, having as main objectives the achievement of sustainable human development and the consequent generation of long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Therefore, we understand that CSR focuses its attention on satisfying the needs of stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors, social agents, public administrations, local community, and society in general) that are affected by the activity of our company with a strategic approach that affects the decision making and operations of our entire organization.

Because of this, CSR is not only a new way of thinking in which ORFISA must take into account integrally the economic, ethical, labor, human rights, social and environmental aspects in our relations with our stakeholders, but it is also another new way of doing and must be applied to strategic management, translating into policies and actions, planned and implemented.

This new way of management must be based on a new way of relating to and interacting with all our stakeholders through an open, transparent and permanent dialogue. If the needs of the different stakeholders are taken into account in a balanced and multilateral way, we as managers of society will be able to increase the efficiency of our organization’s adaptation to these internal and external demands, and thus achieve greater excellence in our management.

In short, CSR is a voluntary behavior and is not a substitute for, but rather a complement to, our company’s scrupulous respect for the national and international laws that regulate our operations. The CSR strategy must be applied to the entire value chain and cross borders, respecting the sovereignty, laws and development policies and culture of the societies where ORFISA operates.