“Green Line Extension” del Metro de Doha (Qatar) 

The extension of the Green Line Phase 1A underground line consists of an underground section and an elevated section and another on the surface. The underground section is part of the Green Line and starts in the south at the Al Mansoura station, which belongs to Phase 1 and is currently under construction, ending in the Mesaimeer transition section. This lot includes 7.73 km. Double tunnel drilled through TBM, and five underground stations, of which one is cross with another line City subway.

The surface section is part of the Green Line M30-32 and begins the transition surface and end surface Mesaimeer to station Al Karajat. This lot includes 1.92 km of double track and 5.20 km of viaduct, in addition to 3 elevated stations and 1 surface station with pedestrian bridge access.

In both batches it included the design and implementation of rail systems to be fully automatic and compatible with existing systems designed Phase 1 of the Doha Metro and capable of being expanded in later phases.
ORFISA has collaborated with the consortium

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