Al Bustan Street North. Doha.

Al Bustan Street North is approximately a 3.6 km expressway and an extension of Al Markhiya Street. It is located west of the existing Al Shamal Road (also referred as Doha Expressway), while Al-Markhiya Street is to the east of Al Shamal road. Al Shamal Road is one of the heaviest travelled roads in Qatar and is acting as a major north-south artery for the Doha residents. Once completed, Al Bustan Street will become an attractive alternative to Al Shamal Road as it will continue to the south to connect to the F-Ring Road, creating an additional north-south high-speed corridor. In addition to the reconstruction of Al Bustan Street North/Al Markhiya Street, a section of Al Shamal Road, about 1.7 km in length, is also proposed to be upgraded under this contract.

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