Forty professionals work in ORFISA, within the framework of a permanent attitude of progress, improvement and enhancement of customer service. In ORFISA we have a vocational training system, in which all our technicians involved, and ensuring their growth, meeting our objectives and the development of our philosophy.


In ORFISA we establish permanent relations with the different environments in which we develop our activity is contributing to their development. Our company philosophy leads us to our utmost on the principles of collaboration and permanence. We are present in forums, organizations and associations where we can participate in activities aimed at the economic and technological development.


Innovation, understood not only as the search for new products and services, but also management methods and processes, is an inseparable part of the business model of ORFISA. We are guided in these actions by two major strategies: the collaboration with Universities Teachers and Centers and cooperation with other companies and associations. For this implements agreements of various kinds which allow our participation in various programs.

ORFISA is in possession of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality systems and Environment, granted by TÜV Rheinland.


ORFISA consolidation in the Spanish market, coupled with the progressive globalization of the market six years ago prompted the development of an internationalization strategy that has positioned us as a company of international standing. Our objectives include not only our own international dimension but in line with the commitment to customer service, ORFISA intended as a bridge in the process of internationalization of companies.

We have presence in multilateral funding agencies, to assist companies to participate in various organizations: European Commission, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and etc.

At the same time we have a presence in several countries: United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and UK.


ORFISA is structured around three areas that cooperate to achieve the best customer service and optimal management of knowledge:

  • Technical Areas
  • Support Areas
  • Corporate Services

All this activity is part of a management system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, according to the UNE EN ISO 9001 (Quality), EN ISO 14001 (Environment)

Organization chart

Day management is performed by both managers, the CFO and the directors of area.