Project Description

Detailed Design, Construction of Works, Supply and Installation of Equipment, Start-up and Assisted Operation of the Optimization and Expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant El Salitre

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) El Salitre is currently the only municipal wastewater plant in Bogotá. This plant is located in the north-west of the city and has a design capacity for an average flow of 4 m3 / s, through a Primary Chemically Assisted Treatment (TPQA).

The configuration contemplated for the WWTP El Salitre, once optimized and extended, comprises an average design flow of 7.1 m3 / s and a peak flow rate with dry climate of 14 m3 / s, as well as a maximum flow in the rainy season Of 26 m3 / s. A key consideration in the design is the incorporation of the existing primary process of 4 m3 / s, within the considerably larger secondary process of 7.1 m3 / s, taking into account certain constraints on the hydraulic profile. A particular design feature of the plant consists of two bedside workstations from which the new one will serve to handle dry climate flows, while the existing one will be used during rainy season conditions.

The expansion of the El Salitre WWTP will take place in the lands acquired by the District at the beginning of the Rio de Janeiro decontamination project, where the current Treatment Plant operates

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