ORFISA began operation in 2001 as a result of a partnership between two engineers, Guillermo Ortiz Aguilar and Javier García Figueroa, who later joined Ignacio Sanz, all with extensive experience in different sectors, are a technical services company associated with Engineering and Architecture, with the aim of combining the experiences of consulting, advisory services and management in the field of construction.

As a result of close collaboration with our customers need to be adding more and more specific services, so that should give response to the needs expressed by these arose. So in 2002 the first service Consulting Contracts in the development of Abandoibarra in Bilbao project is done.

In this way the company consolidates and defines its areas of activity providing services in three areas: Consulting Contracts, Project Management and Technical Services Claims and Mediation.

In 2004 ORFISA serves on the implementation of a contract in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) being our first international action which would start operating in the area of ​​Consulting International Tenders. The department has participated in recent years in the most prominent international developments and has allowed ORFISA be recognized as a company with a scope of international action.

In 2009, the result of the accumulated international experience, ORFISA operated a consulting service to help companies in their international development by making his first works in Latin America and the Mediterranean Africa.

In 2010 the company began its international expansion with the aim of not working mostly for Spanish clients, and take advantage of contacts made at the various groups that participated.

2014 is the year of the definitive opening-establishing partnerships with other companies based in Germany, Mexico and UK.

ORFISA currently has a dynamic and multidisciplinary team that usually works for multiple companies with the ability to offer the most suitable to their needs and has presence in several countries.