Electrification Programme in Denmark

Section 1: Esbjerg – Lunderskov is located in western Denmark and connects the city of Esbjerg and the Esbjerg harbour to the main line Fredericia – Padborg at Lunderskov station. The railway Section is denominated TIB No. 29 in danish railway network.

This railway Section is identified in the EP as Section 1: Esbjerg – Lunderskov. The Section starts in Lunderskov station (KP ~0+000), travels through Vejen, Brørup, Holsted, Gørding, Bramming, Tjæreborg and ends in Esbjerg station (KP ~56+650).

Today, the traffic on this line consists mainly of passenger services; however, this Section is also an important freigth connection between Esbjerg harbour and all of Denmark.

Furthermore, along the existing track alignment different civil infrastructure (over bridges, under bridges, retaining walls, station platforms, etc) are identified and these are detailed in chapter 4.6 and also in datasheets attached to this document

In addition to the Electrification Programme, other individual projects are under development on the Esbjerg – Lunderskov Section. The table below illustrates the main responsibilities/activities within the Electrification Programme and identifies some, but not necessarily all, neighbouring projects on the Esbjerg – Lunderskov Section.

Proyectos destacados